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Welcome to the website of Focus of US-Cenarius.

Focus is a casually scheduled yet hardcore-minded 10-man World of Warcraft raiding guild.  We devote 12 hours raid time - 3 days - per week to be the best that we can be.  We always have and always will be competitive in the endgame content in World of Warcraft.  Currently we are working on progression with a core raiding group but plan to expand into two 10-man teams as a stepping stone towards forming a 25-man raid.

We are currently looking for mature, dedicated, skillful raiders to join our ranks on Cenarius.  Got what it takes?  Check the needs widget on the right side of the page, then head to the forums to apply!  
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Maloriak? The trash took longer....

Riptîde, Jan 21, 11 7:06 PM.
This guy's a boss? More like Rainbow Bright on steroids. Bring on the hard content!

Theralion and Valiona down!

Riptîde, Jan 21, 11 6:51 PM.
If only we had been triplets....

Get your mix on!

terendol, Jan 11, 11 2:45 AM.
Flask cauldrons here we come!


Keep up the good work contributing guys!  

Conclave 25? Check.

terendol, Jan 11, 11 2:39 AM.

Guild Level 10....Woot!

Ash-Tankness, Jan 8, 11 1:47 PM.
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